Idols… surrendering food… and then resurrendering it… i’m powerless. Not just food. My life.

Food really is a “cross to bear” for me in this life. I always have to be mindful of my actions surrounding it. Am I restricting it? That’s where I was when I was too cautious and I ended up hurting my health. But then there’s the other end of the spectrum where I linger around. That place where I just want to eat intuitively within functional limits. Not care about my size. But I worry about that sometimes, since I’m not normal with food. I choose to resurrender that to the Lord… I’m forever powerless over food. All I can say, Lord, is take food again from me… Thank you so much for my life you’ve given to me beyond that… and that you continue to heal my body… You are so good and full of grace.

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