My anthem…

  1. May the mind of Christ, my Savior,
    Live in me from day to day,
    By His love and pow’r controlling
    All I do and say.
  2. May the Word of God dwell richly
    In my heart from hour to hour,
    So that all may see I triumph
    Only through His pow’r.
  3. May the peace of God my Father
    Rule my life in everything,
    That I may be calm to comfort
    Sick and sorrowing.
  4. May the love of Jesus fill me
    As the waters fill the sea;
    Him exalting, self abasing,
    This is victory.
  5. May I run the race before me,
    Strong and brave to face the foe,
    Looking only unto Jesus
    As I onward go.
  6. May His beauty rest upon me,
    As I seek the lost to win,
    And may they forget the channel,
    Seeing only Him.
Wherever you want me… I will go… ❤ Lord, it is so easy to wander. To wander into those dark places where I compare myself to others. I know, Lord, that I just have to rest in you and seek only to please you. I thank you for that. It is so easy to compare myself to who I think I should be, or to covet a gift you have given to someone else. Help me to be content with my gifts that I have been given. I look at others around me. They seem to have it together. They may have jobs; or a few jobs; or be better off financially; or be blessed with children and the resources to take care of those children… But I surrender to you regarding the path that You have for my life. I don’t know that path, but I can only rest in Your truth and Your love. I have many good gifts. I am a wife to my best friend. I have a large loving family. I have a masters degree. Parents willing to let us stay at their home while we get out of debt. Help me to not look to others to define my worth, but to only look to the Lord to let Him define how worthy I am… I confess, Lord that so often I live in that place of comparing. I’m either better than or worse than… I am not better than or worse than; I am Your child. Simply a child of the Lord. Anything good of me is from the Lord. I compare to others who have gifts that I want… lives I view as better than my own. In a way I’m jealous… but Lord, help me to just live in gratitude for the many gifts that I have been given. 

Please Lord create beauty in my heart and do someone beautiful with this life for your kingdom. Fill my heart with passion and with a song of praise to you and help this life to be full of purpose and Not be wasted.

May the Mind of Christ my Savior Dwell in Me from Day to Day; By His Love and Power Controlling ALL I Do and Say. 

Thank You Jesus for Being So Good. Please be even more real to me and a real presence in my family and home… more on the wedding later 🙂 This was on my mind… 

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