“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”
– Galatians 2:20a (NIV)
SEP 19 // Your body is the dwelling place of Christ. When you berate or punish your body, you are berating and punishing the dwelling place of Christ. When you love your body well, you are loving well the dwelling place of Christ. This love in action means taking small steps toward treating your body with dignity, and asking God to give you a grateful heart for its many wonders. The ability to walk, to hug, to dance, to hold – these are precious gifts that your body affords you, regardless of what you weigh. Celebrate that truth today. //
I get a daily devotional called “The Daily Vitamin”. You can subscribe at http://www.findingbalance.com. I just love these devos because they have such truth and speak about body image issues and how to conquer those thoughts through the armor of scripture.
Today this devotion spoke to my heart, because although I now treat my body well and have surrendered to whatever size it is supposed to be, I often feel very uncomfortable in my skin at this size, compare my body to others and berate it. I long sometimes to be smaller and long for days when I liked my body more and when I was able to take pride in weighing in at a certain number. Then I think back to those days, and they were some of the worst days of my life in which my life was consumed with thoughts of food constantly. I have been set free- delivered from this bondage, given a healthy body, and if this healthy body is not shaped how I’d like, then I’m really questioning how God made my body! Wow. I really want to pray to get to that place where I am truly grateful for its wonders, for its healing, for its health, for my freedom that I’ve experienced as I’ve gotten this body. And then drop it and just dwell in the gratitude and not go back to the “I wish I was size 1 or 95 lbs and did not have my fat belly” like I so often do. My healthy body is a gift and I can live my life in it, but really I am not a body- I am a soul who has a body. Lord, help me to learn to be ok with my body. To cry out to you with all my heart, “I will praise YOU for I am fearfully and Wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful. I know that full well”.  Yet know that I really am a soul and my body is just the shell of that soul ❤

This is the truth I want to live in. No matter how I look, it really doesn’t matter. How my soul looks and is being nurtured. That’s what matters.

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