“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”
– Galatians 2:20a (NIV)
SEP 19 // Your body is the dwelling place of Christ. When you berate or punish your body, you are berating and punishing the dwelling place of Christ. When you love your body well, you are loving well the dwelling place of Christ. This love in action means taking small steps toward treating your body with dignity, and asking God to give you a grateful heart for its many wonders. The ability to walk, to hug, to dance, to hold – these are precious gifts that your body affords you, regardless of what you weigh. Celebrate that truth today. //
I get a daily devotional called “The Daily Vitamin”. You can subscribe at http://www.findingbalance.com. I just love these devos because they have such truth and speak about body image issues and how to conquer those thoughts through the armor of scripture.
Today this devotion spoke to my heart, because although I now treat my body well and have surrendered to whatever size it is supposed to be, I often feel very uncomfortable in my skin at this size, compare my body to others and berate it. I long sometimes to be smaller and long for days when I liked my body more and when I was able to take pride in weighing in at a certain number. Then I think back to those days, and they were some of the worst days of my life in which my life was consumed with thoughts of food constantly. I have been set free- delivered from this bondage, given a healthy body, and if this healthy body is not shaped how I’d like, then I’m really questioning how God made my body! Wow. I really want to pray to get to that place where I am truly grateful for its wonders, for its healing, for its health, for my freedom that I’ve experienced as I’ve gotten this body. And then drop it and just dwell in the gratitude and not go back to the “I wish I was size 1 or 95 lbs and did not have my fat belly” like I so often do. My healthy body is a gift and I can live my life in it, but really I am not a body- I am a soul who has a body. Lord, help me to learn to be ok with my body. To cry out to you with all my heart, “I will praise YOU for I am fearfully and Wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful. I know that full well”.  Yet know that I really am a soul and my body is just the shell of that soul ❤

This is the truth I want to live in. No matter how I look, it really doesn’t matter. How my soul looks and is being nurtured. That’s what matters.

We are ENGAGED!!!


So we are getting married :)!!!!
I wanted to write out our proposal story

On July 6th, Richie and I went to church, and then after church we planned to go on a hike. Typically, Richie is very easygoing about what we do or where we go, but that day he was clear- he wanted to go hiking at Ramapo, the place where we went on our first date (i totally didn’t suspect anything as we’ve hiked there several times since then- it is a favorite place for us). In fact, my idea-rich mom (who had NO idea of what Richie was planning to do; my dad knew for months… my mom was forbidden to know wink), ever pleasantly gave us a list of places that we should go that day, but Richie was adament that we would go to Ramapo. So off to Ramapo we went. Richie packed a beautiful, homemade lunch of all my favorite foods (it was very good- you have to remember- I am marrying a chef!). This lunch included delicious salmon salad, roasted vegetables, homemade pickles (I LOVE pickles), and other wonderful things. I thought this was a pretty sweet date and so thoughtful of him (but he is always really thoughtful); nothing too out of the ordinary.

Since it was the 4th of July weekend, we got to the hiking site and there were absolutely NO parking spots. I suggested we eat lunch in the car. He was pretty adament that we didn’t eat lunch in the car. So we found a spot that was quite far away and walked to the trail. We then walked hand in hand up to a beautiful precipice where we decided to stop and eat our lunch. There was another couple sitting together who took the above pictures of us (these were taken before we got engaged hence the pretty blank expression- i asked him “can we take a picture?”- i’m sure he was jumping up and down inside… afterwards my camera died unfortunately). We sat and ate our lunch and just talked about our relationship and some happy memories that we’ve had together over the past 2 years. When we were finished eating, the other couple left (I’m sure that Richie was cheering inside again smiley) and then we were alone on the precipice and it was just us. We just sat together and just talked more.

I honestly don’t have the greatest memory, so I don’t remember all the particulars of what happened in those moments. The details of who said what or exactly how it played out, but I do remember that Richie told me that he loves me so much and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I already knew that :)… but then he then told me that he has something for me… it was not until then that I even suspected he might propose (maybe i’m naive LOL- oh and it’s obvious i had no idea because i was wearing no makeup and a really ugly sweat outfit… and my camera on my phone had died so we only have a few really bad pictures from Richie’s dumb phone).

He then pulled out the beautiful pink saffire ring (how he knew that that is exactly what I would have wanted I do not know since he never asked and i never suggested, and hardly ever even wear jewlery; but I guess he just knows my taste) and asked me to marry him. I think I started crying and I think I said yes, but I honestly can’t even remember since it was surreal! We just sat together and held eachother on that precipise relishing the moment; trying to make it last. Richie jokes with me that he proposed on a cliff so that if I said no he could have pushed me off, or maybe jump off himself. haha

We called Richie’s family right away who knew he was planning to ask me to marry him that weekend and they were thrilled for us. We were delirious and kind of got lost walking down the mountain and it took us hours, but we didn’t care. Eventually, we made our way down the mountain and went home to tell my family.

Richie knows how close I am with my mother and how as wonderful as my mother is, that if she found out I likely would too. So he was his sneaky self and told my father about his plans to propose months before (like in January), but told my dad not to share the news with my mom. And he kept his word! So we went home and surprised my extremely thrilled mother.  🙂 We told my mom and sister by coming into my living room and tellling my sister that she has a brother (she adores Richie).

That day was such a happy one that I will cherish forever and I cannot wait to marry my best friend in the world!!!!!