seeking balance, and new beginnings

Also, my school era (at least the academic portion) is coming to an end for now. It is so weird that this chapter of my life is ending. Grad school has been the craziest journey of my life (other than the ED one of course) nothing tops that. I didn’t know if I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to do nothing with my life, so I applied. And I got in. Undergrad just happened to me. My parents told me to go. So I went to class and studied and did well. One day I graduated and I didn’t care. I got a diploma in the mail. Grad school, on the other hand, has profoundly shaped me. It has humbled me, but also taught me more than I ever could have imagined in so many ways… I’ve had so many times along this journey that I’ve just had to trust in God to get me through if He wanted me to do this. I’m scared to be a real OT like in just several months (and I start my FT fieldwork  for 6 months in less than a week in an outpatient facility for individuals with brain injuries!!!)… but I’m trusting God with that… Anyhow. I am blessed…

That is a favorite song to sum up how I feel. IT is one of those theme songs in my life 🙂
Against all hope in hope I believe,
That You Lord are faithful,
You’re good and You are able.
When it seems impossible to me,
Your promises are all true,
What You said I know You will do.
And I am sure
Your love endures
I’m giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars
I won’t be afraid
Cause You’re holding every part
Of this world
And my heart trusts You that
You won’t let me fall
I’m giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars

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