So… it’s sunday… I got off to a late start this morning since my family and I were in Ocean Grove yesterday and didn’t get home till about 2 in the morning.

I’m not gonna be all flowery. I want to get right to the point. Right to the heart of where my heart is right now… I barely know if I’m a saved person right now. It’s sad since I’ve grown up in the church and I basically wear the “christian” label, have all christian friends and play the piano in church, but I don’t sense the presence of God in my life and I definitely don’t act like a Christian. I just live for myself and for food. Food is most definitely my god. I wake up thinking about it. I need it even when I’m not hungry. I love food so much… It’s the sick truth.

Anyhow i have to go get ready to play in the church service. I’ll write more later…
Heres what I plan to eat today…
had a salad with grilled chicken for breakfast

snack- an apple

Lunch- salad with grilled chicken

Dinner- unsure

Snack- 1 cup veggies, 1 tbs dressing

take care…

i have to clean my room later, make a few phone calls, and practice the guitar and go to a meeting.

where i am

i know i don’t have many followers right now, but I’m gonna start posting here for accountability… Im doing bad. I’m slipping. Things have not been easy these days. I’m about to go to the gym now, but i’ll definitely write more later.
I’m sick of so much that I do. I really just want to lose 10 lbs. Yet food is my idol and friend. I’m gonna try to be food accountable here.
I’ll write more later.