blogger…. His jar of clay…

I am a jar of clay of the almighty God… He has created me for His pleasure… to serve Him even though I so often yearn just to serve myself and I then fall apart. I crumble into many pieces… but when I surrender to Him… to His will, He molds me and fills me with His treasure. I become filled with His glory… I become His tool.

I’m Liz… I’m 19 years old… almost 20. I am a college student who is a pre-occupational therapy major. I also love music… I love to write. I love to sing. I love God and I love studying His word… I love to run… I love to cook and eating is good too…

I grew up in a Christian home, but until a year ago, all of this Christian stuff was just words… basically just a nice theory… It took years of living in my own will and messing up pretty big time and destroying my life to see how much I needed to surrender to His will… I was destroying my jar of clay. I needed to surrender myself and my will to my maker…

A week ago I wrote this to summarize my breakthrough which began about a year ago…

“Humans are each given the gift of a life by our Creator. We can either choose to hand over our paint brush and let Him use it to paint a beautiful picture or cling to our paintbrush and attempt paint our own… this attempt often comes out like splatter and scribble scrabble because of our infailable nature.
When we surrender to our Maker the canvas of our life, He begins to splosh His cleansing blood over the ugly splatter of our sin and darkness and turn them into purposeful, beautiful strokes… a masterpiece of grace and love…
A year ago He showed this truth to me in a new way and began an amazing work in my life… the beginning of a journey for which I am amazed and grateful. I want to always put the canvas of my life in His hands…”

A year ago I began to surrender.
God then gradually began to change me in many ways sending people into my life who helped show me who He is.
He has really been changing me. As time goes on I will share more of my story. My story includes anxiety, eating disorders, depression, self-hate… but He is taking me to a new place. I am so amazed at His mercy to me and His power.
I just want to be His tool. His jar of clay.
I look forward to sharing my journey with you as it unfolds.
He has always been faithful.
I hope that my story… my journey with God can help someone else on theirs or on finding a relationship with Him.
This is my story, this is my song… He is my blessed assurance.
I better go study. I have an exam in a wonderful music class today!… then freedom… spring break happens to be next week…

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